Midland honors President Bush with restoration

There are those who scoffed when the idea was first kicked around that Midland ought to work toward preserving, embracing and promoting its ties to the Bush family.

That was back in 2000, when George W. Bush and his wife Laura were still residing in the governor’s mansion in Austin. His presidential aspirations had been declared but he had yet to overcome formidable rivals – first John McCain for the Republican nomination and then Vice President Al Gore in the November 2000 general election. Then there was the emotional roller-coaster ride in the wake of the election, as we anxiously tried to sort out who would be our next commander in chief.

Those were days when some had suggested shelving the idea of working to build on our ties to the Bush family.

Then a Supreme Court decision followed by President-elect Bush’s famous Jan. 17 visit to Midland in which he declared, “This is my home!” cemented the vision some had been championing for nearly a year.

In the turbulent days our nation is now facing, President Bush is proving his leadership skills, winning over and surprising his one-time critics.

These are historic days.

And we are prouder than ever President Bush frequently reminds American his core values were formed in our city.

The community’s effort to preserve and promote out Bush link is slowly, steadily gaining ground. That effort, specifically the restoration of a former Bush family home, got a shot in the arm this past week when it won the support of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The amount of money received this past week amounted only to $2,500, but the recognition and credibility this gives the effort is invaluable.

We applaud the members of the Permian Basin Board of Realtors who have spearheaded the drive to restore the Bush family home on Ohio Avenue where the family resided from 1951 to 1955. We salute longtime Bush friend Jan O’Neill who has offered her time and energy to serve in a leadership capacity with the non-profit George W. Bush Childhood Home Inc., which was born as a result of the Realtors’ efforts. And we are reminded former Midland Mayor Bobby Burns laid much of the groundwork and provided the initial enthusiasm that got the preservation effort rolling back in 2000.

We Midlanders have good reason to be proud when we look at the White House these days. But we can experience that same sense of pride when we look at the modest home at 1412 W. Ohio Ave. and know our president’s core values were formed when he lived under that roof.

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